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The priority deadline to 提交 your application for fall 2024 is Feb. 1 and the final deadline is June 1. The last LSAT we will accept for the 2024 application cycle is the June 2024 exam.

The 招生 committee admits applicants on a rolling basis; therefore, we encour年龄 all applicants to 提交 their application early.


All applications must be completed through the 法律 School 入学 Council (LSAC). 请注意 that McGeorge does not accept hardcopy applications. The application should be complete when 提交ted.

You will need the following 完成 your application:

  1. 填妥的申请表格
  2. 个人陈述
  3. 重新开始
  4. Two (2) letters of recommendation 提交ted through your LSAC CAS account. (Up to three letters will be accepted)
  5. 学士学位
  6. CAS report with letters of recommendation, 所有本科成绩单, LSAT score and LSAC Writing Sample or GRE score (taken in the last 5 years)
  7. E邮件 address (this is the primary form of communication from the law school)


The state表示“状态” must be no more than three p年龄s, double-spaced and 12 pt. font. 申请人的个人陈述是一个提供申请人认为应该考虑的信息的机会.

个人陈述提示是:告诉我们一个影响你生活的人或正规博彩十大网站排名. Please list the prompt at the top of your written state表示“状态”.

If an applicant wishes to address their grades, academic disqualifications, etc. they may do so by addressing these circumstances in the Optional Essays section.


提供一份全职工作和其他活动的简历,从最近的开始. Include dates, name(s) of employer(s), and position(s) held. List the hours worked per week and academic honors received since entering college. List extracurricular activities, hobbies and community service. 描述大学期间工作的性质和范围,包括志愿工作. 请包括夏季. 解释高中毕业后的任何一段没有被之前的教育和工作经历所解释的时期. However, all high school information should be omitted.


在支持应用程序, applicants must 提交 two letters of recommendation directly to LSAC; we will accept a maximum of three letters. 我们强烈建议申请人联系他们的大学教授和管理人员,他们有机会评估他们的学术, 时间管理, re搜索 and analytical skills to write on their behalf.

已经离开学校相当长一段时间的申请人可以提交雇主的推荐信, 业务的同事, 和导师. Letters from family members and close personal friends are discour年龄d. 这些信应该写一些与你在法学院取得成功相关的技能.

请注意,LSAC不会向McGeorge发布申请人的CAS报告,直到他们收到至少两封推荐信. 申请将保持不完整,在申请人的文件完整之前不会被审查.

Credential Assembly Service (CAS) and LSAT or GRE

申请人必须在LSAC注册法学院入学考试(LSAT)或研究生入学考试(GRE)和LSAC的证书组装服务(CAS)。. 以前的学院和大学课程成绩单必须直接提供给LSAC. LSAT成绩必须在入学前五年内由管理部门提供. 申请文件是不完整的,直到申请人的法学院报告才会被审查, including an LSAT score or GRE score, 已收到. 请注意, if you have a valid LSAT score on file, the GRE score will NOT be considered for admission. (申请人的本科学位不是来自美国境内的教育机构, 其领土或加拿大必须使用LSAC的凭证组装服务进行国际文件认证和评估.)


麦乔治法学院长期以来一直坚持在任何活动中不基于种族歧视的政策, 性别, 性取向, 国家或民族出身, 残疾, 婚姻状况, 年龄, 肤色或宗教信仰.


All transcripts for college and graduate work must be 提交ted directly to LSAC. LSAC将评估每份成绩单,并向申请人指定的每所法学院转发一份报告.

If an applicant matriculated at another law school, a letter of good standing from that school is required. 另外, if an applicant sat for an examination at that school, a transcript from that law school must also be 提交ted directly to LSAC.

请注意 if an official transcript with degree posted is not initially 提交ted in the CAS report, 必须有申请人 to 提交 在入学第一天之前,带学位证书的正式成绩单副本直接发到麦克乔治大学法学博士招生办公室 完成 enroll表示“状态”

Optional Essays: Diversity, Adversity State表示“状态”s and Addenda


  1. Explain any discrepancies in your application.
  2. 完全澄清并提供更多关于任何性格和体能问题的信息.
  3. Tell us more about your interest in McGeorge School of 法律.  What makes our school a good fit for you in terms of academic interests, programmatic offerings and learning environ表示“状态”?
  4. Discuss how your specific personal experiences, 鉴于你的背景(种族), 种族, 残疾, LGBTQIA +状态, (经济劣势或其他)证明你性格中的一个重要品质和/或你能为法学院做出贡献的另一个独特能力.

Additional Application 需求 for Foreign Applicants

Test of English as a Foreign Langu年龄 (托福考试)

申请人没有完成英语学院或大学的学士学位, and for whom English is not their primary langu年龄 is required to take the 托福考试. 这一要求也适用于在美国以外以英语为教学语言完成教育的新移民.

A minimum score of 600 for the paper-based test, 250 for the computer-based test, or 100 for the internet-based exam is required. 请注意,可接受的成绩必须直接来自托福,并提交给LSAC. For additional information on 托福考试, visit


McGeorge要求将外国成绩单直接提交给LSAC Credential Service,这包含在CAS订阅费中. 外国证书评估将由美国大学注册和招生官员协会(AACRO)最终确定,并将整合到您的CAS报告中.


一旦国际申请人被法学院录取并支付了第一笔座位保证金, 研究生和国际项目主任将联系学生获得I-20申请表, 财务证明, a notarized copy of their birth certificate, 护照, 在合适的时候, 结婚证书. Once all of these items are received, 研究生和国际项目主任将处理学生的SEVIS I-20. An I-20 form is one part of the require表示“状态” for an applicant to obtain a 学生签证.


Once an applicant 提交s their application, they can check the status online through the Application Status Online. 申请人在线状态的登录信息在申请提交给法学院时通过电子邮件发送给申请人. The 招生 committee will review files in the order that they were completed. Our 招生 committee is devoted to reviewing each file in a holistic manner. Please allow four-to-12 weeks to receive an admission decision. Offers of admission will be sent via U.S. 邮件. Other admission decisions will be sent via e邮件. 更改申请人的电子邮件或邮寄地址应立即通知入学办公室.



麦克乔治法学院, 正规博彩十大网站, in compliance with Titles VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Educational Amend表示“状态”s of 1972 (45 CFR 86), and Sections 503 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, does not discriminate in the administration of any of its educational programs, 招生, 奖学金, 贷款, or other activities or programs on the basis of race, 性别 (identity and/or performance), 性取向 or preference, 国家或民族出身, color, 残疾, 婚姻状况, 年龄, 或者宗教信仰.

有关遵守这些法规和条例的查询可直接向院长办公室提出, 第五大道3200号., Sacra表示“状态”o, California 95817, 916.739.7151,或到美国.S. 教育部,民权办公室,在旧金山或华盛顿特区.C. 学生记录:询问学校是否遵守学生对教育记录的访问和隐私权, under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, 可以直接到院长办公室或学生和家庭教育权利和隐私办公室, U.S. Depart表示“状态” of Education, Washington, D.C.


电话: 916.739.7105

Hours: Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. 至下午五点半.m.